Batlow Cider Events – May 2018

Preliminary notes for your diary re the events coming up in Batlow in May.

Cider Australia will be holding their AGM on Thursday 17th, the annual Cider Conference will be held on Friday 18th, and then Saturday 19th will see the Batlow CiderFest. Further details of these events will be posted as they come to hand.

Bookings have opened for the Cider Conference.

Juice/cider equipment for sale

After 17 years of production Tasmanian Cider maker David Bennett’s plant and equipment and cider production process is for sale as one lot. Operating under Natural Fruit Beverages Tasmania the company has produced Dr Benjafields Organic Apple Juice, Tasmanian Inn Cider and Perry Cider. Would ideally suit any apple orchardist wanting to value add to their current business. Including all plant and equipment for juice & cider production and the unique process for bottle fermented cider making. $45,000.00 Email enquiries to David Bennett 

Elevator and s/s wash tank








Scratter rotating blades, 3 phase





Hydraulic 3 phase fruit press








Filter transfer pump






Three 3500 s/s cider insulated storage tanks








Bottling machine







3 phase pasteuriser








Labelling machine








Australian Cider Awards 2017

p1130606Entries have closed for the 2017 Awards. Entires in 2016 set a new record and entries in 2017 have surpassed that number. Judging will take place on 26 & 27 September in Melbourne. Results will be announced at the Presentation Dinner on Friday 27th October in Melbourne – tickets through the Cider Australia website.

In addition to the Dinner in Melbourne on the 27th, there will be a meeting of Cider Australia on Saturday 28th as well as a producers Forum Again, details and tickets through the Cider Australia website.

2016 Cider Conference – BATLOW – Friday 20th May

It’s on again !

What : 2016 Cider Industry Conference
When : Friday 20th May 2016
Where : Batlow, NSW

Why should you attend ? : The Cider Industry Conference is the only event of it’s type convened specifically for the cider industry in the Oceania Region.  You won’t want to miss our International guest presenter Dr Carol Miles of Washington State University speaking on the North American Hard Cider industry, cider characterisation, mechanical harvesting and orchard design.

Our guided Cider Appreciation session will be a unique opportunity to taste some traditional single variety ciders.  This session will be led by industry legend Mr Drew Henry (Henry’s of Harcourt) featuring some of Australia’s pioneer single variety ciders.  We hope to pair the ciders with some actual fruit of that variety….it promises to enlighten your palate.

Last year tickets for the conference sold-out prior to the event. Seats are limited, so I encourage you to book ASAP.
See you in Batlow this May for the 2016 Cider Industry Conference and Batlow CiderFest.
Kevin Dodds | Development Officer – Temperate Fruits
Department of Primary Industries | Agriculture NSW
64 Fitzroy Street  Tumut, NSW 2720 | PO Box 3  Tumut NSW 2720
T: 02 6941 1405  F: 02 6947 4149  M: 0427 918 315  

Cider apple blossom

Apple varieties generally produce more fruit when the blossom is fertilised with pollen from a different variety. In order for this to take place it’s necessary to have varieties that reach the appropriate stage of flowering at “about” the same time. The flowers of cider apple varieties go through the same stages of development as do eating apple varieties and the critical period of the blossoming is between king-bloom and full-bloom.

Improved Foxwhelp king02

Apples generally have flowers in clusters and king-bloom is when the first (generally central) blossom opens. Full-bloom is when all the blossoms of a cluster have opened and before petals start to fall.

Because there is a lot of variation of blossoming stage within a tree and between trees, it is not possible to precisely define when a particular variety reaches these stages. Essentially the ascribing of a date for king-bloom or full-bloom is by “averaging” the blossom stages of a given tree. For this reason it is obvious that some flowers will be open ahead of and behind the nominal dates, but the period of receptivity is at a maximum in the nominated period.

Yarlington Mill fullbloom02

Other factors such as weather and bee activity will also naturally play a part in determining how efficient the pollination period will be in setting a crop. When the king-bloom to full-bloom period occurs can vary year-to-year as can the duration. 2015 blossoming was over a very short period. The dates will also vary within districts depending on local microclimates and between districts depending on altitude etc. Generally the sequence of varieties flowering is relatively stable – but not absolute!

The chart below is for the cider varieties just finished blossoming in 2015. For other years please contact davidp at  LL Cider Phenology 2015j  Double-click the chart to get a clearer image. The variety Granny Smith is not generally considered a “cider” apple although is can be useful for adding acidity to a blend. The main reason for including it in the blossoming chart is to give a reference point so that it is possible to get an idea when the cider varieties will bloom.



2015 Australian Cider Awards

Judging of the 2015 Australian Cider Awards is now complete. The class winners and top cider and perry of the 2015 Awards will be announced at the Presentation Dinner to be held on October 9th in Melbourne.

On the morning of October 10th a cider producers forum will be held and from midday to 8pm the Australian Cider Festival will be held at the Ormond Hall.

Full details regarding both events are available on the Cider Australia website:

Dates for your diary

There are important Cider events coming up at Batlow.

Cider Australia will be meeting on Thursday afternoon 14th May – contact via the Cider Australia website.

The 2015 Cider Industry Conference is being held on Friday 15th May. Special guest at this year’s conference is Dr Andrew Lea.
See the full program at: The 2015 Cider Industry Conference


and Saturday 16th sees a repeat of the highly successful Batlow CiderFest


Cider Apple Trees

HFT-elogosHeritage Fruit Trees – Rob Pelletier                                  PO Box 35, Beaufort, Victoria 3373, Australia

Their website lists cider apples available (April 2016) on various rootstocks together with the available cider scions and apple rootstocks


mi apple logoMiapple Farm       MiaMia, Victoria                                  Peter Cooke  03 9701 3066                                                                                     A revised stockist will be posted on the Miapple website in May 2016


WFT-logo-for-emailWoodbridge Fruit Trees – Tasmania                          Nik Magnus 0418 806 175     


SHA Logo_colourStrzelecki Heritage Apples                                 Mark and Margaret Brammar                                       1699 Korumburra-Warragul Rd, Strzelecki, Victoria           03 5659 5242

Orders taken for supply of bare root trees to be delivered the following winter. These orders need to be confirmed by mid June of the year preceeding delivery. Limited quantities of scionwood of a large range of cider varieties available.



PetePermieTelopea Mountain                                Peter and Silvia Allen                                    Invermay Road, Monbulk, Victoria                                                                0418 665 880                                              *Telopea sell trees bare rooted & potted. Their trees are suitable for direct entry into Organic certified and Biodynamic certified farms. Cider variety scions are available.



Balhannah Nurseries – Sam Luke (Manager)       email:              Hartmann Rd, Charleston, South Australia          Ph: 08 8389 4557    Mobile: 0412 237 684        Balhannah currently (April 2016) has available limited quantities of some perry pear trees for delivery winter 2016 – Yellow Huffcap, Blakeney Red, Gin and Moorcroft, along with cider apples Cimetiere de Blangy and Verite


factree_logoGraham’s Factree                                       Libby Fleming  03 9999 1999                                                        160 Thonemans Rd., Hoddles Creek, Victoria            Factree primarily ‘grow to order’ and deliver bare rooted trees in the winter. Trees can be produced on dwarfing and non-dwarfing rootstocks.        


logoOak – Tahune Fields Nursery            Brendon Francis                                       Oak – Tahune now manage the apple germplasm collection which was previously held by the Tasmanian DPI. They can supply scionwood, rootstocks or grafted rootstocks. Orders for nursery trees can be placed for delivery winter 2017.



MMFeature (13)Maple Grove Nursery                            Michelle Morrison                                                 Maple Grove have traditionally been known as an apple rootstock supplier and continue to provide this service. They also can produce cider trees to custom order.


logo-horizontal-darkbg-lgeYalca Fruit Trees                           Yalca have some cider trees available for delivery in winter 2016. Check their website for the variety listing



A few words about the material that is available. The more commonly available cider apple varieties – the English ones – would in a lot of cases have been sourced from the collection at the (NSW Agriculture) NSW DPI research station at Orange. These were imported by Dr Jill Campbell in the 1970’s. As far as I am aware these varieties were not guaranteed to be virus tested / virus free and accordingly most of the material currently available carries the same status, unless of course the supplier has undertaken virus “cleaning”. Budwood should still be available from the NSW DPI.

This mention of viruses, whilst it may seem to be of concern, should not be too concerning. Some eating apple varieties were cleaned of viruses and their orchard performance changed in the sense that the trees grew better but did not necessarily fruit better. In some cases the productivity was reduced.

I am asking those people / companies who supply (or who will shortly be in a position to supply) cider apples trees to get in contact with me. Likewise those who supply rootstocks or cider apple budwood. Although I have retired from NSW Agriculture I continue to provide extension information on cider and would like to ensure that my information on sources etc is up-to-date.

The intent is not to list quantities and varieties but simply to make the names and contact details available.

Some suppliers I am already aware of but there will obviously be those I’m not aware of. So the hope is that by putting this request on Cideroz the listing will be as complete as possible.

Please contact via davidp at

It finally happens!

Last night the inevitable happened. Australian products took out the top prizes at the Australian Cider Awards.

The Hills Cider Co. took out the top perry prize and the “Best in Show” with their Pear. Congratulations to the team at Hills for a fabulous product. Scoring 57 points out of a possible 60 reflects the quality.

And to cap the Australian night, the winner of the top cider was Small Acres Cyder with their methode champenoise ‘Cat’s Pyjamas’.

Medal winners are detailed below:
Class 1 – Dry Cider (specific gravity up to 1005)
Sponsored by Della Toffola Pacific
Wiedmann & Groh – Ciderhaus Champagnerennette 2011 Gold
Red Sails Dry Cider Silver
Borodell Vineyard Heritage Cider Silver
Small Acres Cyder Somerset Still 2013 Silver
321 Cider Learmonth Traditional Still Cider Bronze
King Valley Cider Co. Traditionally Tart Dry Cider Bronze
Core Cider Co. Hardcore Traditional Cider Bronze


Class 2 –Medium Cider (specific gravity between 1005 and 1012)
Sponsored by Fizz Bizz
Wiedmann & Groh – Ciderhaus Trierer Weinapfel 2011 Gold
Little Creatures – Pipsqueak Aspall Draught Cyder Silver
Napoleone Napoleone Apple Cider Silver
Cerbaco Cidre Brut Artisanal de Normandie la Pommeraie Silver
LOBO Juice and Cider Co. LOBO Apple Cider Bronze
Oakvale Wines Oakvale Apple Cider 2013 Bronze
Eclor – BAW Duche de Longueville – Gros oeillet Bronze
Cerbaco Cidre Fouesnant Manoir Kinkiz Bronze
Bilpin Cider Co Blpin Original Cider Bronze
Cerbaco Cidre Brut Bouche – Le Pere Jules – Pays d’Auge Bronze
Willie Smiths Willie Smiths Organic Apple Cider Bronze
The Australian Brewery AB Fresh Press Cider Bronze
Hills Cider Company The Hills Cider Company – Apple Bronze
Matilda Bay Brewing Company Dirty Granny Matured Apple Cider Bronze
Padthaway Estate Spikie Norman Bronze
Sitting Ducks Cider Sitting Ducks Adelaide Hills Apple Cider Bronze


Class 3 – Sweet Cider (specific gravity 1012 and above)
Sponsored by Summer Snow Juice
Cerbaco Cidre Doux Artisanal de Normandie la Pommeraie Gold
Eclor – BAW Ecusson Cidre Doux Silver
Cider Productions Apple Thief Granny Smith Cider Bronze
Graci / Harvey River Graci Premium Cider Apple Bronze
Tilse’s – Roma – Apple Truck Tilse’s Apple Truck Cider Bronze
Franklin Cider Co Frank’s Summer Apple Cider Bronze
Barossa Valley Cider Co Barossa Cider Co Squashed Apple Bronze
Stassen – Kollaras Stassen “Over Ice” Apple Cider Bronze


Class 4 – Bottle Conditioned / Methode Champenoise Cider
Sponsored by Laffort
Cerbaco Cidre Cornouaille Manoir Kinkiz Gold
Small Acres Cyder The Cat’s Pyjamas Gold
Small Acres Cyder Small Acres Cyder 2011 Sparkling Silver
Core Cider Company Core-rupted Traditional Apple Silver
Spreyton Cider Co Spreyton Cider Co Vintage 2013 Bronze
St Ronans St Ronan’s Cider Apple Bronze
Kellybrook Winery Kellybrook Winery Jazz Methode Bronze
Napoleone Napoleone Methode Traditionelle Apple Cider Bronze


Class 5 – Dry Perry (specific gravity up to 1005)
Sponsored by Kegstar
LOBO Juice and Cider Co. Dry Pear Bronze


Class 6 – Medium Perry (specific gravity between 1005 and 1012)
Sponsored by Appledale Processors
Hills Cider Company The Hills Cider Company – Pear Gold
Bilpin Cider Co Bilpin Pear Cider Silver
Hillbilly Harvest Hillbilly Pear Cider Silver
Napoleone Napoleone Pear Cider Silver
Flying Brick Cider Co Flying Brick PearCider Bronze
Yarra Valley Cider Co Yarra Valley Cider – Pure Pear Bronze
Little Creatures – Pipsqueak Pipsqueak Pear Cider Bronze


Class 7 – Sweet Perry – specific gravity 1012 and above
Sponsored by Johnston Packaging
Cerbaco Poire “Fournier-Freres” la Pommeraie Silver
Cerbaco Le Pere Jules Poire – Pays d’Auge Silver
Sitting Ducks Cider Sitting Ducks Adelaide Hills Peary Cider Bronze
Franklin Cider Co Frank’s Summer Pear Cider Bronze
Cider Productions Apple Thief Pear William Cider Bronze
Graci / Harvey River Graci Premium Cider Pear Bronze


Class 8 – Bottle Conditioned / Methode Champenoise Perry
Sponsored by Laffort
St Ronans St Ronan’s Cider Pear Gold
Small Acres Cyder Small Acres Cyder 2012 Sparkling Perry Silver
Hills Cider Company The Hills Cider Company – Traditional Perry Bronze


Class 9 – Dry Cider made using water and/or sugar in production
Sponsored by Alepat Taylor
ZefferBrewing Co Zeffer Dry Apple Bronze
Westons World Brands Old Rosie Bronze


Class 10 – Medium Cider made using water and/or sugar in production
Sponsored by Breowan Systems Ltd.
Mike Henney / Phoenix Beers Henneys Dry Cider Silver
Redwood – Old Mout Old Mout Cider – Scrumpy Silver
Mike Henney / Phoenix Beers Henneys Vintage Cider Bronze
Westons World Brands Henry Westons Vintage Bronze
Monteith’s – Drinkworks Monteith’s Heritage Style Cider Bronze
Monteith’s – Drinkworks Monteith’s Apple & Pear Cider Bronze


Class 11 – Sweet Cider made using water and/or sugar in production
Sponsored by Della Tofolla Pacific and Laffort
Mike Henney / Phoenix Beers Henneys Sweet Cider Silver
Westons World Brands Wyld Wood Apple Bronze
Cascade – CUB Mercury Sweet Bronze


Class 14 – Sweet Perry made using water and/or sugar in production
Sponsored by Summer Snow Juice and Fizz Bizz
West End Brewing Company James Squire Perry Bronze
Carlton & United CUB Bulmers Pear Cider Bronze
Magners / Suntory Magners Pear Irish Cider Bronze
Carlton & United CUB Strongbow Pear Cider Bronze
Paracombe Premium Perry The Berg Bronze
Tilse’s – Roma – Apple Truck Tilses’s Pear Cider Bronze

Note to Medal Winners:  If any producer would like to print medal stickers for use on bottles, or use a medal image on media or websites then please liaise direct with the Design Company – VAADA – for all templates. The authorised Cider Australia template must be used, there are no exceptions. Rhea from VAADA can be contacted on 02 6360 4339, or by emailing Vaada can supply the template in soft form or they can arrange printing and supply on your behalf should you wish. Please liaise direct with Vaada for quotes, payment, etc should you wish to use their service.

Judging complete for 2013 Australian Cider Awards

Judging for this years Awards was completed yesterday. Our thanks to the judges for their work in appraising the entries and to the volunteer committee for their work leading up to the Awards and on the two days. The header above shows yesterdays set-up for judging the “Best in Show”.

All Awards were announced at the Presentation Dinner at the Sebel – Surry Hills (Sydney) on Friday 18th October.