Note to Entrants:

The Presentation Dinner being held in association with the Cider Awards 2012 will take place at the Sebel in Surry Hills (Sydney). Please see the note lower down on this page under “4Awards Presentation Dinner” regarding those ciders and perrys that receive “best in class” or medals and the need to have product available for this Dinner.

Rules of Entry:

1. Where water is used in the production processes of a cider or perry (eg to reconstitute concentrate, or to adjust alcohol percentage) such products are to be entered in classes 9 – 14.

2. The use of sugar where its sole function is to promote the secondary fermentation process for products entered into classes 4 and 8 is acceptable. Where sugar or sugar substitutes are used in the production processes specifically to increase alcohol percentage or to adjust sweetness such products are to be entered in classes 9 – 14.

3. Entrants must declare the product as either Cider or Perry and enter it in one of the classes 1 – 14.

4. There is no flavoured Cider or Perry class.

5. Entrants must have a minimum of 225 litres of each product in stock at time of entry (25 dozen 750mL bottles or equivalent volume).

6. All entries must be available for sale in Australia at the time of entry.

7. The organising committee reserves the right to audit compliance in regard to entries.

8. An entry form and an entry fee must accompany each entry. Entries not accompanied by the fee and entry form will not be accepted. Entry charges for 2012 are $45 for members of Cider Australia and $55 for non-members.

9. Each entry will consist of 4 x 750mL bottles, or 8 x 375mL bottles or equivalent volume. Please note any remaining bottles may be used at the Awards Presentation Dinner. After that, any remaining bottles can be picked up at the end of the event by the entrant.

10. More than one entry per class per entrant is permitted.

11. Entries must be in a glass bottle.  All closures permitted.

12. Entries must have a label on the bottle identifying the class number and producer. No show labels will be provided.

13. All entry forms and fees must be received by the organisers by Tuesday, 2nd October 2012.  No late forms or fees will be accepted.

14. Ciders and/or Perrys to be entered into the show must be delivered to the Orange Agricultural Institute by close of business on Friday 5th October 2012.

Note: The Orange Agricultural Institute closes Saturday and Sunday and is open 08.00 – 16.00 Monday to Friday. No late deliveries accepted.

15. The judges’ decision is final.

16. The judges reserve the right not to award medals, prizes or certificates in each class.

17. Results will be published in the 2012 Australian Cider Awards booklet. Results will also be posted on the Cideroz website and the Cider Australia website.

18. Judges’ comments will be sent to the individual entrants.

19. Cider or Perry entered by an entrant into one class may be moved by the judges into another class at the judges’ discretion.

20. Exhibits will be judged out of 60 points where

  • Bronze equals 46.5 – 50.5
  • Silver equals 51 – 55
  • Gold equals 55.5 – 60.

Where Ciders or Perrys do not meet these criteria the notation ‘Best in Class’ may be indicated.


1. Dry Cider – specific gravity up to 1005.

2. Medium Cider – specific gravity between 1005 and 1012.

3. Sweet Cider – specific gravity 1012 and above.

4. Bottle Conditioned / Methode Champenoise Cider.

5. Dry Perry – specific gravity up to 1005.

6. Medium Perry – specific gravity between 1005 and 1012.

7. Sweet Perry – specific gravity 1012 and above.

8. Bottle Conditioned / Methode Champenoise Perry.

9. Dry Cider made using water and/or sugar in the production process.

10. Medium Cider made using water and/or sugar in the production process.

11. Sweet Cider made using water and/or sugar in the production process.

12. Dry Perry made using water and/or sugar in the production process.

13. Medium Perry made using water and/or sugar in the production process.

14. Sweet Perry made using water and/or sugar in the production process.

General Information:

1. The Australian Cider Awards are being organised by a volunteer show committee based in Orange, NSW.  For further information or enquiries regarding the show, please contact:

David Pickering
681 Huntley Road, Orange  NSW 2800
Mobile 042 727 1477

2Delivery address for entries to the Cider Awards:

David Pickering
Orange Agricultural Institute
1447 Forest Road, ORANGE NSW 2800


3. Venue

The competition will be held at the Orange Agricultural Institute on Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th October 2012.

4. Entry form for Australian Cider Awards 2012

Download the pdf file

Entry form 2012

5Awards Presentation Dinner:

The presentation dinner will be held at the Sebel, Surry Hills, Sydney on Friday 12th October 2012. For cost and booking details see the link below:

2012 Cider Awards – Presentation Dinner

This year the Cider Awards Presentation Dinner will be held in Sydney with up to 200 people attending. This change has been made in association with the newly formed Cider Australia to make the Awards Presentation more accessible and to better publicise the award winning ciders and perrys. This provides a fantastic opportunity to get your product in front of the right people.

The entries winning medals and/or best in class will be showcased at the Presentation Dinner through being matched by the judges to one of the courses served. We are asking that appropriate medal winners contribute 2 x cartons (9L or equivalent) to be served at the dinner. Additional carton/s will be purchased by Cider Australia from the producer to ensure we have sufficient stock for serving. Only the selected winners will be asked to supply extra stock for the dinner.  We trust that you will agree with this move to publicise the top products in this way and will be prepared to provide this support to the dinner.

6. Other Activities:

In addition to the Presentation Dinner other events will be held at Manly’s Hotel Steyne in conjunction with the 2012 Australian Cider Awards. Schedule of events below:

 Hotel Steyne events